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Continuing your South Australian Journey

June 15, 2020

Unlike Captain Cook’s voyage to the Great South Land which was largely of a cartographic nature, coupled with a search for a remote locality to deposit Britain’s vagrants and petty criminals, the South Australian experiment was imbued with a healthy mix of capital investment and a disposition toward universal suffrage, republicanism, social reform and the separation of church and state. These were for the most part noble sentiments despite the myopia with respect to the local indigenous population. As to who today’s citizens should venerate (because many of them are still strangely undecided) there remains a deafening silence. That Is why I have offered up this second panel of slides from one of my public presentations which is provocatively entitled ‘Who should we venerate?’

Some might be surprised to see that Grote, Wakefield, Torrens and Gouger are included and what is Jeremy Bentham, the Duke of Wellington and John Stuart Mill doing on the panel? Readers are asked to visit the website at for details of my three volume book-set which sets out over 1100 pages of intrigue and passion of those behind the South Australian experiment. Readers are also invited to comment on this relatively new blog which comes to you from my website which I have called

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