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A South Australian Journey

June 9, 2020
European settlement in South Australia was formalised in two steps- firstly with the passage of the South Australian Act in the British Parliament in August 1834 and secondly with the proclamation of the colony or Province on December 28th 1836.

Over the next few days I will be publishing 4 panels like the one above so that readers can work their way through some of the significant ideas and developments which finally led to European Settlement in South Australia.

Readers are given the chance to reflect on the elements of this slide by way of entry to one of my headline presentations which I have given since 2001. It is entitled ‘The Founders of South Australia: Who should we Venerate?’

Feel free to contact me at should you wish to comment. My 3 volume set of books entitled ‘Behind the Streets of Adelaide: A Pantheon of Dissent’ can be purchased through or at Dymocks in the heart of the city of Adelaide.

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